Owners want a beautiful and durable concrete job. Contractors want predictable and crack resistant concrete under various conditions, uses and enviroments.

Cracks and surface defects add cost and make the job difficult to sell. Fiber provides the performance you require plus superior finish-ability.


Micro-synthetic Fibers added to your mix prevent early age cracking problems at a time when most cracks occur. Fibers provide support to keep aggregates in suspension and promote uniform bleeding. This increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete during the plastic shrinkage stage allowing the concrete to develop its optimum long term integrity.

Macro-Synthetic Fibers offer the long term performance of steel fibers at a lower cost. These fibers provide added levels of toughness, energy absorption and durability. You get the benefit of crack control without the risk of corrosion sometimes associated with steel. When used in Shotcrete applications, these fibers provide increased adhesion. You will be able to apply thicker layers of concrete in one pass and you will experience less rebound and waste.

Steel Fibers are engineered for long term performance and superior concrete crack control in demanding industrial applications. Steel fibers provide exceptional control of drying shrinkage cracking and maximum load stability at the floor joints where it is needed most. The uniform distribution of steel fibers throughout the mix transforms concrete into a more ductile composite material that increases the energy absorption capability of the slab. This will enhance your concrete in the hardened state allowing it to perform under intense loading conditions, including point loads from rack legs and dynamic loading from vehicular traffic.

Blended Fibers are a combination of Micro-synthetic fibers and either Macro-synthetic fibers or steel fibers. Blended fibers will provide a combination of the advantages listed above in one package.

Natural Fibers are made from a custom-modified cellulose polymer which is alkali resistant and provides numerous advantages like superior finishing and crack reduction. Natural fibers are not derived from oil and are not dependent on foreign oil imports. Natural fibers have over 700 million fibers per pound which disperse evenly throughout the concrete. This facilitates their ability to intersect micro-cracks as they may form, disperse tensile stress and reduce macro-cracks. The chip form (over 33,000 fibers per chip) readily disperses into individual fibers when mixed with concrete. This product does not ball under the broom, does not display surface fuzz and does not create unsightly surface blemishes.

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