Here are the numerous mix options you have with United Materials:

Standard Mixes

Wall Mixes
Driveway Mixes
Architectural/Decorative Mixes
Grout Mixes
Self Consolidating Mixes
High Early Mixes
Fiber Reinforced Mixes
High Slump Mixes
Shrink Resistant Mixes
Lightweight Mixes
Shotcrete Mixes
Tilt Up Mixes
Flowable Fills
Pervious Mixes

Driveway Mixes:

Concrete driveways are extremely strong and can handle the weight of heavy vehicles for decades. Concrete driveways are likely to last longer than alternative products and require less maintenance. When properly installed, concrete driveways can hold up well under just about any weather condition.

Flowable Fills:

Flowable fill, or controlled Low Strength Concrete, is gaining greater acceptance and use as a backfill material, particularly for work around pipes and culverts. Flowable fill easily enters difficult access areas, provides a relatively uniform compaction density, is self-leveling, and requires minimal crew and equipment for application. With these attributes, plus the ability to control its strength in cases requiring either re-excavation (lower strengths) or heavy surface loads (higher strengths), flowable fill is the solution being recommended by concrete producers for private and public service projects.






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